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30 November -0001

Kreative Kid’s daycare and Aftercare

Written by mToto

Project Owner

Feiruz Ramjan


Kreative Kid’s daycare and Aftercare


We are an ECD Centre based in Surrey Estate- Cape Town, we have daily programs for children from the age of 4 months to 5 years old. We are dedicated to making a change in the lives of children and passionate about creativity.


Kreative kids is a fairly new ECD Centre that operates within a marginalized community- Surrey Estate. The center does not often receive the required toiletries from the parents and funding is not as prominent as it should be. It is for this reason that the center has asked for toiletries for children such as toilet paper and tissues and also some kitchen appliances such as a fridge or microwave. The centre is currently attached to a house and uses all of their appliances since they do not have their own. It is for this reason that they have asked for the above mentioned materials.



Project Goal : 0.57 BTC




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