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30 November -0001

Zinzendorf Moravian ECD

Written by mToto

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Desireè Morris


Zinzendorf Moravian ECD


Zinzendorf is located in Hanover Park in Cape Town on the Cape Flats and has been in running for over 30 years. The ECD Centre is located in a marginalized community where gang violence is rife. Zinzendorf is committed to making a difference in the lives of the children by providing them with nutritious meals and even started a program to get parents more engaged in their lives of their children. Zinzendorf aims to make a difference in the lives of the children even though they are mostly government funded and almost 50% of parents do not pay the allocated fee per month for the child.


Zinzendorf has a wide range of needs that need attention at the moment, more specifically Zinzendorf is asking for educational posters that could be placed in the classroom to inform children about various topics, these topics range from the different types of fruits, animals, colors, the letters of the alphabet and counting. There is a total of 90 children who could benefit from these posters and other educational tools.



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